Morris Minor Centre Bath Ltd has been manufacturing parts for Morris Minors since 1979. Founding proprietor Nic Harding started out in Morris Minor parts production originally working with Charles Ware and compiling the first comprehensive Morris Minor parts catalogue, which has to date sold in excess of 100,000 copies.

In the early eighties a few of the original tools from the Minor's production were still remaining, most had sadly been destroyed. Nic was lucky to be able to save the original bumper production tooling as well as tools for the grille surround finisher, the front panel, swaging tool and the original radiator tooling. From this production base Nic went onto re-tool parts that were most needed and notably retooled the saloon inner rear wings which required a pretty large investment.


After running MMCBath for a good twenty plus years Nic took the business into partnership with ESM in 2006 and in 2015 MMCBath became a fully integrated part of the ESM business. 


Most manufacturing for ESM is carried out by MMCBath and increasingly the products are being branded so that they can be clearly identified and you know that you are fitting a high quality product.

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