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The world's largest Morris Minor parts manufacturer approved by British Motor Heritage. Morris Minor Centre (Bath) Ltd was founded in 1979  by Nic Harding, previously a partner with Charles Ware, and the author and compiler of the Morris Minor Parts Catalogue.

In 1985 the centre relocated from Bath to The Old Mill in Monkton Combe, just outside Bath. It was here that the company developed and produced the Minor Junior pedal car, launching it at the 1991 London Motor Fair. Just to note as there is sometimes confusion regarding the identities of Morris Minor Centre (Bath) ltd and Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre.  Since the founding of the Morris Minor Centre  (Bath) ltd in 1979 they have been separate trading entities​, although we of course happily work with each other in the interests of the Morris Minor community as a whole.  Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre, which was also originally located in Bath relocated to Bristol in 2007.

Throughout the nineties and early two thousands the business concentrated on parts manufacturing and introduced a range of Morris Minor performance upgrades and modifications. This included the Ford based vented disc brake kit, as well as gas and spring shock kits, an anti roll bar kit and a range of further upgrades. 

The MMC was fully independent until 2006, when, after supplying parts to them for many years , it formed a working partnership with East Sussex Minors.


The two companies were a natural fit as ESM was essentially workshop driven and had had little involvement in parts manufacture. The partnership further developed and after several years in partnership the two companies became fully integrated, as they are today, under the directorship of Graham Clayton. 


The company continues to look to the future with a long term view to the sourcing and tooling for the best Morris Minor parts available, and in 2019 to the reintroduction of the Minor Junior Pedal Car.